An ambition: A forward-looking project

JEFERCO develops industrial plants dedicated to the production of industrial-grade wood pellets only through an innovative process based on green wood and recycled wood. JEFERCO’s ambition is to become a major European player on the industrial market that meets the real needs of the energy transition through an appropriate solution for the environment.

Thus, JEFERCO’s pellet manufacturing plant projects are part of the global sustainable development policy. Thanks to a neutral carbon footprint and the job creations connected to the implementation of these plants, these projects meet the objectives set by the COP 21 and Agenda France 2030, launched at the national level on 6 and 7 June 2016.

They also help to lead the territories concerned by these projects into the 3rd industrial revolution by ensuring the economic development of environmentally friendly territories focused on

  • A local implantation closest to forests in order to limit the impact of the transport of the raw material;
  • An access to major modes of transportation (rail and/or waterways) to ensure the shipment of pellets in large quantities for major customers.

JEFERCO is a member of BIOENERGY EUROPE (https://bioenergyeurope.org)

An innovative approach

The use of recycling wood, a patented process

Class A and B recycling wood can be used to make pellets in addition to green wood.
These are indeed usable in industrial boilers equipped with a proven smoke treatment system.
The use of recycling wood helps to modulate the need for green wood supply.
The manufacturing process developed by JEFERCO allows to adapt the composition of its pellets to the needs of industrials.
JEFERCO has a French patent, published at BOPI (Official Industrial Property Bulletin – extract to download) from 7 April 2017 with a European extension, the European Patent Office having published the mention of the patent delivery on 28 August 2019 under the number 3153566. The European patent covers Germany, Belgium, Spain, France, Great Britain, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

The pellet as a substitute for fossil fuels

The energy recovery of wood pellets in big industrial boilers is an alternative that has many advantages.
In addition to reducing greenhouse gases, it ensures the reduction of dependency on fossil fuels such as coal and fuel oil.
Moreover, wood is one of the most competitive energies on the market. The needs of thermal power plants have been constantly increasing in recent years through, for example, the replacement of coal by wood pellets.
The expected demand is therefore expanding in Europe. Thus, in 2018, the share of industrial pellets amounted to 45% of total pellet needs (industrial and domestic).

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